Whether you're a large enterprise, a MSSP, or a consultant, vThreat makes it easy to test and verify security controls.

vThreat for Enterprises

Each enterprise faces its own unique challenges, and we at vThreat understand that you need a robust solution that adds realy value and doesn't add to overhead. vThreat helps you get the most out of your existing security investments by testing the efficacy of your controls, verifying they're configured correctly to stop a real-world attack.

Our analytics technologies help you understand the full lifecycle of a potential attack on your organization from the real risk posed by exploitable vulnerabilities to potential vectors for data exfiltration. Specifically, our active beaconing technologies and passive vulnerability discovery means vThreat is always looking for new vulnerabilities on your system and you're always working with the most up-to-date information—no need to wait for the next scheduled scan.

And with vThreat being 100% cloud-based, there's no agent or appliance to configure, you're up and running in minutes.

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vThreat for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

We're always glad to work with MSSPs and are passionate about helping you demonstrate value to your customers. Out of the box, vThreat makes it easy to work one-to-many: Our active beaconing technology can be embedded across multiple websites with a unique code for each instance, allowing you to monitor vulnerabilities for and report on as many organizations (and sub-groups) as you need.

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vThreat for Consultants

We know how important it is for consultants to have fast, powerful insights into how their clients are doing. We deliver meaningful snapshots of your client's security posture today, and how it has changed over time. You'll deliver valuable insights for your customers quickly and easily with powerful yet simple-to-deploy drive-by attack simulations that you don't need to be on-premise to deploy.

Since vThreat is 100% cloud-based, it's simple to deploy and maintain, and you get meaningful and timely analytics on vulnerability trends and drive-by attacks, even if you are never physically on-site.

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